Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love my friends:)

salam sume...
da lme xbt entry bru...
mls gle..haha
last bt entry mse duk kt nilai ari 2..
ny da 2 mnggu blik umah...
hmmm..ari ny ttbe lak rse nk tlis entry sal friendship...
ak rse syukur sngt d kurniakn bestfwen..
bkn sume org ad bestfwen..tol x?
tpi ak d kurniakn 3 org bestfwen.syukur sngt2..
kdg2 ak t'pk...
ak ny kwn yg baek x sbnrnye tuk dyorg?
yela...tkt laa jgk kn ak je yg lbey2 anggp dorg bestfwen ak tpi hkiktnye x mcm 2 pn..
hnye dyorg je ad jwpn tuk p'soalan ak...
tuk ADDA,SEMAA' n TYA....
thanks 4 being my bestfwen...
i luv all of u so much...
and i honestly dedicated this song 4 all of u:)

"Anytime You Need A Friend"
When your sad
When your feeling low
When your hurt
And don't know where to go
Think of me. there i'll be
Anytime you need a friend

When your down
And your luck runs out
Or if your in trouble or in doubt
It's Ok..turn my way
Anytime you need a friend


La La La
La La 
La La La

All our lives
Anywhere we are
Just reach out I'll
Never be to far
Come what mayWhen your scared 
I will stay with you
When you feel your fallin'
I'll lift you
When your heartbreaks I'll
Ease your aches,
Whatever it takes I'm in
Anytime you need a friend
There I'll stay
Anytime you need a friend


When you need a friend
Come what may, there i'll stay
Now until the very end
Anytime you need a friend

La La La
La La La
bestfwen 4 ever!

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